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Flavor Trends for 2020

Our team at Natural Powered Products, formulates a variety of new innovative products for our customers, making sure we are always up-to-date on the most recent flavor trends. Our team converges every year to predict what we believe will dominate the food, beverage and nutraceutical industries.

Today, we’ll be doing a forecast for the year 2020 – and trust us, it’s going to be great!

Simply Refreshing

While we may have just been ushered into the chilly winter, there’s still the craze for sparkling water and seltzer. As consumers continue to fall head-over-heels in love with flavor compared to sweetness, unique beverages with refreshing and bright flavors are all set to dominate the 2020 center stage, a stage which has already been set. This fun fact is both applicable in the non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverage industry where customers are seeking refreshments overall.

Exotics and Citrus

We all know that the fresh and bright flavors of lime, lemon, and other great members of the citrus family are a staple in the beverage industry, but then, drinkers are anxious to try out new things, new tastes, and flavors, all from citrus, and without syrups, artificial sweeteners, or sugar.

Great flavors like coconut, dragon fruit, and even the prickly pear will become more active which will add a delicate, fresh, sweetness to the fizzy drinks. On the other hand, citrus flavors such as tangerine, grapefruit and blood orange will add that tingling sweetness paired with a unique bitter-sour profile.

These flavors complement the refreshing feel of sparkling water and hard alcoholic seltzers which will satisfy the adventurous drinkers itching for adventures.

Plant Growth

In 2020, lots of botanicals will freshen the flavor combinations of beverages without depending much on sugar and sweeteners for taste.

Our specialists anticipate that the aromatic flavor and subtle sweetness of basil, lavender, cilantro, and elderflower, together with the tart, sour flavors of orange, and sorrel will be most used in both non-alcoholic and alcoholic seltzers and tonics. Gin will lead this trend in the alcohol industry with great predicted growth from craft distillers all the way to the corporate level.

Less is More

Over the years, we’ve come to understand the importance of transparency to consumers. With more people getting interested in health and wellness, 2020 will be awash with drinks that have high nutritional value and support healthy living.

The “clean label” trend is a clear indication of how quality is determining the consumer’s perception of a beverage. It also sheds light on why simple ingredients are becoming more popular by the day.

And so, there will be a wide variety of flavors in 2020, from the simplistic fat-free, low-calorie, and sugar-free drinks, to the complex vegan, dairy-free, and keto alternatives. Watch out for innovations on teas, drinking vinegar, flavored waters, and all.

State of Mind

No one needs an ordinary caffeine boost anymore. 2020 is a year for the boom of “functional drinks”. Drinks that up the body’s physiology – something that contributes to overall health and well being.

CBD tends to be the king in this category – and with many scientific studies verifying its health benefits, it will most certainly be a major component in coffees, teas, shooters, infused waters, etc. Other ingredients, such as Nootropics, that can increase well-being and brain activity will also be on the radar of most beverage brands.

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